(with a personal touch!)

Business can be stressful enough without having hassle over your hosting.


Here at Squareone we offer a personal hosting experience…


We like to think of our clients as people… not numbers…


People who just want their site to be switched and hosted smoothly. 


People who don’t want to be bogged down with technical jargon that makes no sense to them.


People who don’t want to spend hours waiting on the phone to speak to a technical bod if there is an issue with their hosting.


People who like the idea that we care! And we do!

Free SSL Certificate

Some companies make an extra charge for these but they are included within the hosting fee

Access to Referall Programe

Earn £20 for every client you refer that joins our hosting service and they receive a discount too

Free WordPress Manual

If you have a WordPress site we’ll throw in our free 200 page WordPress Manual

Regular Web Tips

Because we know your website is your baby – we’ll send you regular web tips on how to nurture that baby

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we’ll even offer you a three month no quibble money-back guarantee

Social Media Shout Outs

We like to do regular social media shout outs for our clients on our Twitter, Linkedin. Facebook platforms (10,000 plus connections!) – how many hosting companies do that

Quick response

Well we aren’t one of the big boys…which means we aren’t a faceless entity – we care about our clients and ther businesses. So that mean when you have an issue with your hosting we are on it like a car bonnet! No more hanging on the telephone for hours to get your issue resolved… We generally know before you do if there’s an issue with your site’s visibility because we monitor all our sites and resolve any issues asap!

Limited no of sites per server

Your website will not be sitting on a huge server with thousands of other sites! We have a maximum of 50 sites on each server. Why does this matter? Well if someone else’s site gets malware this could spread to other sites on the same server. Likewise thousands of sites means your site may not run as quickly as it could and be limited on bandwidth! Limiting the number of sites on a server means maximum site speed for you and limits potential hacking issues!

UK based servers

Our servers are also located in the UK . So what? Well US based servers will generally be updating/running back ups etc during their offpeak period – which is UK peak time…this could slow down your sites performance. This issue doesnt happen with UK based servers.

Jargon free

We try not to speak jargon! We know how frustrating it is when you finally get to talk to your hosting provider and they spout technical terms leaving you more confused than ever!

“Rachael and Elliott from Square One took over my hosting approximately 2 years ago. The years before then, I kept having limitations and issues with my previous provider, who kept limiting what I could do with emails and website. I moved over to Square One and since then, have not had a single problem. Whenever I have needed further help and support, Square One were there for me and helped me to sort things out straight away with no fuss and making it all seem really simple”

Sandra Kanfer Clarke

“Square One took over the hosting of my website as my previous hosting was too slow for WordPress updates and they were not willing to recognise the problem.  Since changing, my website is very rarely down.  The loading speed is much better and I receive excellent customer support.  Square One now host a couple of websites I help manage.  Their support and knowledge is always very professional and timely.  I have every confidence in recommending their hosting services.”

Lisa Ruggles

From the start, I have found the team at Square One to be first-class. Emails are always responded to quickly and the advice provided is stated in understandable layman’s terms. On occasions, I have contacted Square One about difficulties with my website that hasn’t actually been their remit, but I have always found that they will help in these situations too, as much as they can. Their professionalism and customer service is excellent. Thank you!

Jenny Yates

How we work

We are a premium reseller with Big Wet Fish and have a number of shared servers in the UK, but unlike a shared server with one of the big boys in the industry, each of our servers have less than 50 sites on.


That means your site is more secure – if a server has thousands of sites on and one of them becomes infected there’s a chance yours could be too!

Because we are a premium reseller we have a dedicated team at BWF which means we can get issues resolved quickly!


We understand that your website is your lifeline to your business and with our monitoring system we can be alerted to an issue and work with BWF to fix it before the client even realises there was one!

Unlike other hosting companies there are no hidden fees with our service – no extra cost for SSL certificate, no extra cost for having a daily back up, and no extra cost for having your email hosted with your site (though we would generally recommend you keep it separate!)

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